Infrastructure Management


GTM Solutions Oracle DBA specialists are full-fledged in every aspect and you’ll be able to rest assure that the people who know the hidden techniques covenant along with your database. GTM Solutions Oracle database management team will direct you through key activities and routine administration.

Continually guaranteeing the inflexibility of basic systems isn’t bargained and conveys the most effective turnout. We’ve set Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for taking care of the client problems and set the acceleration chain of importance. We have a tendency to do the proactive database checks and perform exercises as database observation, space administration, scope organization, client problems taking care of, bug subsiding, trouble modification usage.



The business data is prime important for any type business organization, cannot afford its loss. Database Backups are basic for turning away of data misfortune and capability to induce back from disasters. Thus, genuine database backup strategy must be configured and executed periodically. Our database specialists comprehend backup decisions, improvement techniques, and general accepted procedures, build Backup straightforward to decide right decision.

GTM Solutions team is mastered to design and propose the arrangement that has insights concerning totally different techniques needed in database high accessibility and standby database choices either from local arrangements or accessible outsider utilities within the industry to fulfil this requirement based on your budget.



Moving your databases, applications and getting used projects onto updated and advanced platforms could be a typical sight within the industry. GTM Solutions makes the procedure of migration seem like a simple assignment. Establishing the convertible platforms across cross-functional work bases to migrate applications and databases through our GTM Solutions migration services.

With new platform and advances slanted with each passing day, not being updated could be a notice need dying. In such unpredictable environment, GTM Solutions turns out to be your trust worthy supporter in taking your business method, programming applications and product to an alternate platform.

Hold hands with us at GTM Solutions to proficiently and handily migrate your application to a different platform. GTM Solutions guarantees there is no data loss or dangers needed by platform modification of your business stuff and applications. We provide these migration administrations at user friendly prices. Whereas our execution meter flies high, our reasonableness faithfully stays friendly.



In spite of the actual fact that a database could be operational and acting satisfactorily, there are often approaches to boost this execution. Proactive database health check and performance reviews on a regular basis increases the chances of better performance and throughput enhancement. What is additional, as common receptive execution standardization endeavours ought to do once the consumer is encountering undesirable application execution designate.

CDTS embraces important information level execution problems like

  • SQL Tuning & Optimization
  • SQL Set up & Execution Enhancement
  • Session Tracing
  • Proactive Tuning Initiatives
  • Memory Utilization (OS & Database)
  • Paging Mechanism & Settings
  • Object Fragmentation
  • Error Log Activity
  • Backups Policy
  • File System I/O Utilization
  • Object Space Utilization
  • Locks, Latches & Blockings GTM Solutions



Oracle RAC allows multiple computers to run Oracle RDBMS software simultaneously while accessing a single database, thus providing clustering.

Oracle RAC is a cluster tool for relative databases that allows multiple computers to comprehend access to at least one database. Whereas the highest results improved performance, quality, and accessibility, problems can often do arise.

We don’t merely apprehend RAC, we’ve seen it all. GTM Solutions supports nearly several RAC databases, so our engineer’s square measure is exposed to a large kind of configuration issues, performance problems, platform mixtures, and each one kinds of totally different variables that keep their RAC skills as sharp as a result of the support engineers at Oracle.

We can facilitate with problems like

  • Deciding if RAC is that the right solution for your environment.
  • Un-RACing RAC.
  • RAC performance tuning.
  • Node crashing and node ejection.
  • Troubleshooting clustering problems.
  • Configuration, design, and upgrades.
  • Data Guard and DR during a RAC environment.
  • 24×7 RAC monitoring and troubleshooting.
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