IT Consultant

IT Consultant

GTM Solutions is a technology consultant services provider who is qualified to advise clients on the best use of IT to meet specific business requirements. We conduct a business needs assessment and develop information system solutions that meet the organisation’s objectives. GTM does consulting for IT process, IT automation, IT Auditing, IT Projects, etc., We try to acquire deep knowledge of both business and information technology need of our clients.

We work with industrial and commercial clients who are seeking help and advice about business and IT problems.

GTM IT Consultant does the following services:

• Analyze an organization’s data

• Determine information system requirements and defining project objectives

• Make recommendations, such as suggesting appropriate hardware, software and systems

• Design, install and trial new systems and software, and fix any issues that arise

• Compile and present information

• Write reports and documentation

• Repaircomputer problems and removing viruses

• Trainusers

• Respond to feedback.

GTM Solutions has a meticulous approach to work. Our staffs are good at problem solving skills, analytical and technical skills, working under pressure, multi-tasking, interpersonal and communication skills when dealing with clients.

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