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About GTM Platter

GTM Platter is a cloud-based end to end multi-channel Point Of Sale Software for hotel restaurants, resort restaurants, bars, fast food, cafe and more. GTM platter is a one point solution which offers integrated inventory management, user management, master data management, sales, billing, kitchen order, menu card, parcel service, tax structure, customer feedback, e-com vendor orders and finance system integration.

GTM Platter is a name that clearly stands out from the rest of the pack. The software can track purchase orders, inventory transfers, stock reconciliation and return processing. With multiple security levels, powerful reports and user verification, the software ensures theft prevention and makes it easy for the managers to run operations with total oversight. The robust security mechanism of the solution includes database and Windows authentication, role based security, user definable password policies, enhanced network access facility and location level security.


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As a cloud based hotel management software, GTM Platter features enhanced data synchronization, multi-lingual, multi-currency and multi-location support; which is combined with flexible payment options, branch requisition and reorder based on auto-indenting. Ensuring customer satisfaction becomes easy with GTM Platter as it introduces home delivery feedback, delivery time tracking, gift voucher sales, discount management, schemes/promos and loyalty programs.

Table management with GTM Platter guarantees seamless operations. Right from table reservation and allotment, to transfer, movement or combination of tables; there is no aspect of table management that can be found missing in the software.

The mobile restaurant POS feature of GTM Platter allows waiters to access the solution on their mobile phones via access codes. The waiter login page can be customized to fit the restaurant’s requirements and serve priority and can also be managed based on customer requests. The mobile POS also features comments for the chef that can be written; messages, split billing, table selection and management of void, open and recall orders.

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For managers and owners in the hospitality industry, GTM Platter is the best restaurant management software as it gives operators all the tools they need to increase the pace of their services. Its simple approach, ease of use and rock-solid reliability makes GTM Platter a great system for your hotel’s POS needs. Whether your restaurant is a single store or part of a nation-wide chain, we will help you achieve simplicity in restaurant management.

The dynamic report capabilities of GTM Platter enable restaurant managers and hotel owners to take smart and timely decisions. The unique customization allows users to design the reports as per their requirements. Users can generate location wise reports, member related reports, process reports, time specific reports, reports to compare current sales data with previous data, MIS reports, inventory reports and sales and purchase reports.

GTM Platter fully complies with GST regulations. It makes GST return filing easy with its integrated modules and its ability to manage multiple restaurants by assimilating and synchronizing sales data. It can also speed up operations at your restaurant with quick configuration and multiple capabilities to retain customers.

Why GTM Platter

Key Functionalities

The key functionalities of this software includes customized billing, guest billing, email billing, table billing, GST billing, menu card display and print, and many more . The inventory management system helps keep track of the purchase order, inventory report, supplier database and more.

GTM Platter offers an effective help desk which includes call centre support, master data upload, remote desktop support, configuration guidance, 100% uptime, onsite training and integration support. GTM Platter enables retailers to configure the application as per their needs. The software has an ability to modify and add new capabilities into the system as the retailer business grows and expands into new segments.


  • Online Table Reservation
  • Server App
  • Payment Gateway
  • Feedback Management
  • Intelligent Menu


  • Floor / Wing Management
  • Tablet Billing
  • Split Billing
  • Online Order Integration
  • Central Kitchen Management


  • Sales Analysis
  • Multi Outlet
  • GST Reports
  • MS / Dashboard
  • SMS / Email Alerts

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