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GTM Easy Claims

Travel Management System Streamline your travel and expense & track complete workflow from travel bookings to accounting. User can access GTM Easy Claims from mobile device & do end to end tracking.

GTM Easy Claims is the complete travel management system that works for your business. Offering a range of customizable options, powerful management tools and reporting functions. GTM Easy Claims has been designed to respond to your business run, supporting your corporate travel needs from a flawless, simple platform.

GTM Easy Claims helps you to manage your corporate travel management system. Take control of your corporate travel with GTM Easy Claims. GTM – Easy Claims comes with the personalized experience across every touch-point.

From the original digital travel management pioneer to today’s leading business travel platform, Easy Claims is business travel from GTM Solutions. Easy Claims enables you and your business to tighten control of your travel without losing productivity or slowing the process down.

GTM Easy Claims is designed to travel and work across multiple devices and can be accessed by anyone, anywhere. Book on the go from your mobile device. GTM Easy Claims retains history of your travel bookings, and compiles audit tracking for reporting.

Our corporate travel tools empower your travellers to navigate their own destinies. Based on our extensive user experience, research and investment in technology, we deliver solutions that enable your travellers to manage their own trips. Happy travellers drive higher online adoption, so you can focus on your overall programme objectives.

Manage your expenses while you’re travelling with our integrated expense providers and keep accurate records for reimbursement claims. Save time by automatically allocating bookings to specified cost center before the fact.

Report on everything from costs and travel spent through to travel providers and their SLAs. Access audit trails from individual travellers and mitigate corporate risk knowing where your travellers are and where they’re going to be.

Load pre-negotiated rates from your preferred vendors or restrict travel selections to a handful of trusted providers.

A corporate travel platform that works the way you work. Simple, intuitive and with you every step of the way, the way travel should be.



Why choose GTM Easy Claims TMS?

  • GTM Easy Claims has simple functionality with powerful control
  • An all-inclusive travel management application built on an advanced and scalable technology
  • Flexible and easy to use
  • Easy to customize as per clients’ unique specifications
  • Efficient client management featuring the complete details of clients’ queries
  • Sophisticated documentation system with automated billing, receipts and vouchers
  • Highly secured back office system
  • Helps to establish brand loyalty
  • Dedicated customer support from experts
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